Learn how to create games in Unity

Welcome to University of Games — I'am happy you’re here! My name is Leszek Król, I've been a part of the game industry since 2003. I noticed that many gamedev companies need reliable, professional help and solutions durning development and publishing process. That's why I founded University of Games - research lab for indie developers, publishers and distributors.

Our goal

The goal of this 'taskforce' is provide knowledge and practical solutions in the area of technology research, game design, marketing, consulting and business advisory. From social strategy games to medium size RPG titles - our team have worked on the entire spectrum and honed our skills to master in each category and genre. During this time, We have a pleasure to collaborate with the world's most valuable brands like Speedway Grand Prix, Mattel, Trefl or McDonalds.

I hope you jump in

This place is dedicated for everyone to share passion, knowledge and adventures in game industry. It will be home to in-depth explanations and ready to use solutions which help you solve problems and growth.

Now, thank everyone for the support and be a part of our family. Have fun, and good luck out there!

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